Mood Disorders

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Mood Disorders
Mood Disorders services offered in Wellington, FL

Mood disorders affect about 21.4% of adults and 14.3% of children/teens in the United States. At Lewis Family Psychiatry, the experienced medical team offers comprehensive care for a range of mood disorders, including bipolar disorder and persistent depression. Through an online telemedicine platform, the provideer evaluates your symptoms and can recommend medications, psychotherapeutic counseling, and other strategies to stabilize your mood and protect your long-term mental and emotional health. Call the office in Wellington, Florida, to schedule a consultation from anywhere in Florida for mood disorders, or book an appointment online today. 

What are mood disorders?

Mood disorders affect your overall emotional state and can be severe enough to interfere with your quality of life and ability to meet your responsibilities. 

Common types of mood disorders that the Lewis Family Psychiatry team diagnoses and treats include:

Bipolar disorder

Bipolar disorder causes episodes of extreme highs (mania, hypomania) and extreme lows (depression) but the symptoms can be much more subtle. Some forms of bipolar disorder have more anxiety and insomnia than depression. Each person has their own way of expressing the symptoms. 

Seasonal affective disorder

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) causes depression symptoms during the late fall to early spring due to the reduction in hours of sunlight. 

Premenstrual dysphoric disorder

Premenstrual dysphoric disorder causes severe mood changes that occur in the days leading up to your monthly menstrual cycle. Some women experience difficulty beginning at ovulation and thus have symptoms 50% of the month. 

Persistent depressive disorder 

Persistent depressive disorder describes long-term, chronic depression that causes persistent feelings of sadness, hopelessness, worthlessness, and guilt. 

When should I seek treatment for mood disorders?

You should schedule a psychiatric evaluation at Lewis Family Psychiatry if you or your child/teen have persistent symptoms of a mood disorder that you can’t manage on your own. 

You also need an evaluation if you or your child have emotional issues or uncontrollable mood swings that interfere with work, school, or relationships or if you’re self-medicating with alcohol or drugs. 

If you have suicidal thoughts or think about harming others, seek emergency medical treatment at the nearest hospital or call 911. 

The Lewis Family Psychiatry team offers comprehensive assessments through the online telemedicine platform. They assess your symptoms and the effect they have on your life. The team customizes a treatment plan to stabilize your moods and improve your overall health. 

How are mood disorders treated?

Your treatment plan for mood disorders depends on the condition you have and the severity of your symptoms. 

Typically, the Lewis Family Psychiatry team uses a combination of medications and psychotherapy to prevent mood swings and help you feel better. They can order genetic testing to identify which medications may work best for you. 

The team coordinates counseling services with professional therapists to help you recognize negative behaviors, moods, and thought patterns. They also give you resources to reduce stress, boost your mood, and optimize your overall mental and emotional well-being. 

Call Lewis Family Psychiatry to schedule a comprehensive assessment for mood disorders or book an appointment online today.